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Designed by Alberto Frias, this futuristic sleeping pod known simply as ‘Transport’ offers the ultimate in luxury with not only a self contained water bed but a complete sound system and a series of sound synchronised light emitting diodes.

Great for getting away from the hassle and bustle of modern life, the curvaceous Transport pod, crafted from fibreglass and fashioned on the shape of an eye, has been designed to function as a cocoon that literally transports you via light and sound to a world of chilled out relaxation, and it makes us feel sleepy just looking at it.

The Transport Pod retails at $10,000 for the base model and further details can be obtained via the designer’s site. And, if you can afford this, we would recommend pairing this with Di Vapor’s Luxor bathtub and a bottle of chilled champagne for a night of sheer, luxurious escapism.

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